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Vileda Corporate Song

The Sound of Secret Agents

It all started with a bold idea. The idea to take a brand of innovative dust-fighters out of the broom closet and put it into a high-tech laboratory. Sophisticated tools for the battle against the international forces of dirt instead of the usual household appliance. Vileda reached for the world of Ethan Hunt, James Bond and their elaborate, technical gadgets.

This brand positioning along with the corresponding image campaign offered a clear starting-point for the design of the corporate sound. Hollywood's typical secret agent movies have built up a clearly  distinguishable and highly emotional sound pattern. A pattern that could be harnessed for the brand.
The unmistakable soundtrack of a secret agent thriller is instantly recognized by audiences around the world. Which sound could better fit the brand profile? So we created Vileda's own, tailor made secret agent soundtrack.

Over 10 years of successful Sound Branding

This Corporate Song has been the brand's acoustic trademarks for more than a decade now. And wherever used – in the heart of London or in the dark streets of Moscow – it instantly sets the right tone.
The brand also stayed true to its corporate sound, when turning green. In the campaign featuring the new product line-up of "Naturals", we adapted the corporate song with a smoother touch. 

This once more shows the ability of a well designed corporate sound to convey different brand facets while staying true to the sound identity. Vileda is right on track for another decade of consistent implementation of its corporate sound. A true success story. We'll be preparing some Martinis.


client: Freudenberg Haushaltsprodukte KG
agency: Avenue Advertising


nhb corporate sound:
- composition of the corporate song
- recording, mixing & mastering

Matthias Rewig
Cornelius Stiegler